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The Kid Who Would Be King

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Release Date: March 1, 2019
Rating: 6.5

Nira Park, Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner
Directed by   :  Joe Cornish
Produced by   :  
Based on   :  Joe Cornish
Starring   :  Rebecca Ferguson, Tom Taylor, Patrick Stewart
Production company   :  Big Talk Productions,Working Title Films.
Country   :  United States

The Kid Who Would Be King is a 2019 Big Talk Productions,Working Title Films How many times have you seen the legend of King Arthur adapted to the big screen? Surely the answer can not count with the fingers of the hand, but next year will come as you had never imagined. The Kid Who Would Be King is a story in which the director Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) has been working since he was a teenager and now, finally, we have the first trailer. This video - about these lines - tells the story of Alex (Louis Ahsbourne Serkis) and his friends, the adventure of how this young man finds Excálibur, discovers his power and meets the famous wizard Merlin. Not only Alex and his friends are the protagonists of the advance, we also have the opportunity to meet Morgana, the evil villain who wants to take down the world, and how this medieval story fits into the 21st century London. The official synopsis of The Kid Who Would Be King - which opens in the United Kingdom on February 15, 2019 - is the story of how the magic of the old school reaches the modern world in an epic adventure. Alex thinks he is a normal boy, a nobody, until he accidentally finds the mythical sword stuck in the stone, Excálibur. Now, you must unite your friends and enemies in a group of knights and, together with the help of the legendary wizard Merlin (Patrick Stewart and Angus Imrie), defeat the cursed witch Morgana (Rebecca Ferguson). With the future depending on them, Alex must become the great leader he never dreamed he could become.

Rating:   IMDb  / 7.9

The Kid Who Would Be King Full Movie

The Kid Who Would Be King
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