Bruce Washington

Bruce Washington

Strategies to Try in 3-Year-Old Long Daycare Centre to Support Kids with Disabilities

17 May 2021
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Child care centres usually receive all types of students. Some come ready to learn and have no issues with school life. Others may have challenges adapting to the new environment and may struggle for a while before adjusting. At the same time, you may get kids with disabilities requiring extra care and attention. Handling these little ones can be rather challenging without proper training.  Every disabled child is special in their own way.
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5 Signs Your Child Should Switch High Schools

12 May 2021
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Every parent wants the best for their children, so it can feel like a nightmare when you're child is unhappy in school. However, a bad school experience doesn't have to be forever. Sometimes, your child's school just might not suit them; enrolling at a new high school could be the fix for all their problems. Read on to find out five signs that might indicate that your child will benefit from switching schools so you can take appropriate measures before things get worse.
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In a post-2020 world, parents are more involved with their children's education than ever before. Home schooling is on the rise, remote learning is increasingly common, and as ever a lot of parents want to make sure their kids are learning, playing and developing as much outside school as they are inside it. But how can you make sure you're doing that to the best of your ability? We've collated some resources to help you - ideas for making learning at home more engaging and effective, ways to turn even the simplest of daily chores into a fun education activity, and explanations of how children learn and what you can do to engage with that process.