5 Signs Your Child Should Switch High Schools

5 Signs Your Child Should Switch High Schools

5 Signs Your Child Should Switch High Schools

12 May 2021
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Every parent wants the best for their children, so it can feel like a nightmare when you're child is unhappy in school. However, a bad school experience doesn't have to be forever. Sometimes, your child's school just might not suit them; enrolling at a new high school could be the fix for all their problems. Read on to find out five signs that might indicate that your child will benefit from switching schools so you can take appropriate measures before things get worse.

1. Your child is avoiding school The moment you realise your child is skipping school or making excuses not to attend, you should know you've got a problem on your hands. There are various reasons why they might be avoiding school, from problems with peers and teachers to problems with the workload. Skipping school can be a gateway to dropping out, so changing schools is often of the utmost importance in these cases. 

2. Your child doesn't feel safe in school Another warning sign is when your child tells you they feel threatened at school. Whether the problem is dangerous students, negligent teachers or even a dangerous building, if your child is complaining of feeling unsafe, there's almost certainly a good reason. If your child feels unsafe in their own high school, it's time to take action immediately before someone gets hurt.

3. Lack of motivation If your child isn't excited about going to school anymore, then it might be time for them to try a different high school and see what happens there. Lack of motivation can lead to poor grades, but it doesn't always come from within. Sometimes, the classes just aren't interesting enough, teachers aren't engaging enough or your child isn't being challenged at the right level. Different high schools have different ways of teaching, and another one might be more suitable for your child.

4. Bullying and cyberbullying Bullying is one of the biggest issues teenagers face. If your child is being bullied or almost constantly has to deal with cyberbullying, then it might be time for them to switch schools. Bullying isn't something that is going to go away without effort, nor is it something that your child will be able to handle alone. They need to be in a school that is going to provide them with a staff body that cares about bullying enough to tackle it in the right way. 

5. Poor performance in extracurricular activities Extracurricular activities are also another thing you need to look at before making the big decision. They're one of the best and most common ways to socialise and make friends in high schools, plus they boost university and job applications. So, if you notice your child isn't participating in any after-school clubs or activities, something might be wrong. Your child might be better served at a high school with a wider range of adequately funded sports, clubs and teams to join.

High school enrolment is a big decision. Make sure to place your child in a school that's the right fit for them.

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